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Use our ASSET service to help free you from your admin, and let you focus on building a better business, better client outcomes, and more value.

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“Our goal is to further the success of independent, self-licensed financial Advisers by giving them the tools to thrive in a newly regulated environment.”

We do this by facilitating a ‘wrap’ service delivery that keeps Advisers ‘between the regulatory flags’, provides opportunity for growth, operational support, recognition, and affordable ancillary services you deserve as an Adviser.

Simply put we are the obvious choice for professional financial Advisers and the obvious partner for all product suppliers.. it goes without saying that the best insurance is a good financial Adviser.

We know we are successful not just because Newpark is the original Adviser group in New Zealand, but because Newpark Advisers are demonstrably the most successful Advisers in the market.  Our brand stands for integrity, good conduct and culture

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3 Reasons why Self-Licencing is the ONLY way to go…

I'm going to start with a little "op-ed" piece, as they say in the press. A number of dealer groups have indicated that they will allow select Advisers to come under their licence - either as financial advisers or as authorized bodies (if they have their own business structures).  If

Newpark Home Loans has teamed up with real estate specialist…

Newpark Home Loans has teamed up with real estate specialist Martin Dunn to help first home buyers onto the property ladder. Under a new partnership deal, Newpark advisers will have exclusive access to Dunn's recently-launched venture Real Estate Together. Real Estate Together, launched this month, enables FHBs to take a

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