Getting value from Newpark

There's been a lot of noise and commentary of late regarding the amount of value that Advisers do or do not receive from the group they are aligned to.  So it's time to get on the soapbox and point out a couple of home truths about what groups, such as Newpark, facilitate for Advisers. First of all, 'value' in this context is not referring to group buying deals, subsidies or discounts made available on particular products and services.  They are nice to have, but if that's your sole point of reference then you're in the wrong group. What is most

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Quotemonster and Deloitte report

With everything that's happening right now you'd be forgiven for missing all the new leafs out everywhere on trees.  Daylight saving is around the corner! In the meantime, a reminder that we have secured as 20% discount off the regular monthly retail subscription to Quotemonster (this includes Quotemonster and QPR only).  This is $91 + GST per month which is invoiced by Newpark.  If your current subscription is direct with Quotemonster you can transfer to the Newpark scheme and be entitled to rate above.  Contact the boss to get on board. Following along the digital theme, reports from insurers is that

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Leads for mortgage Advisers

Spend time converting high-quality mortgage leads to sales. Newpark has teamed up with Mortgage Match, an Auckland-based company that matches people who are actively searching for an expert Mortgage broker with the best broker for them. Under the new mortgage matching service, Newpark advisers will have exclusive access to high-quality mortgage leads. This means you only speak to local customers who are actively interested in getting a loan and hearing from you. Mortgage Match will only ever connect one customer with one broker. Any leads you get from Mortgage Match are not re-distributed and are exclusively yours. Cost to purchase

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