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adviser crm

The independent CRM solution for Insurance and Mortgage Advisers.

Adviser CRM is a complete CRM solution to manage all of your leads, clients, policies, loans, client communication, documents, meetings, marketing and much more.  Adviser CRM can put your policy and loan renewals on automation while you spend more time with sales leads and writing new business.

If compliance is your focus right now, no problem, use our process builder to build your step-by-step processes you and your team can follow, or ask about our customisation service to create your business processes for you.  Keep a complete client communication history of emails, meetings, phone calls, tasks and documents for auditing.

Adviser CRM is packed full of features to help you to build a better business.  We are an independent CRM Provider and are not owned by, or exclusive to any financial services group. Your data is yours and Adviser CRM can follow you wherever you go.


SOC2 Certified Platform


Adviser CRM is built on a SOC2 certified platform.  We know you’re busy and so I will keep it short and not too technical (although we are talking about technology) so here it goes.  SOC2 Type II compliant. SOC 2 is an evaluation of the design and operating effectiveness of controls that meet the AICPA’s Trust Services Principles criteria. Applicable to- All cloud services.



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Manage all your sales leads from one place.  Create tasks, meetings, and emails with a complete history of communication.  Put your sales lead nurturing into automation and have then automatically added to your marketing automation so you can keep in touch regularly.  Once your lead becomes a client all history, including files, emails etc are all pulled through to your new client account.


A complete client management platform to manage every aspect of your client relationship from an individual contact, a family or maybe even to a complex business with different ownership.  Adviser CRM can manage every type of client relationship and keep a complete history of Appointments, Tasks, Emails, Family Relationships, Professional Relationships, Policies, Loans and Files.

Life Policies2020-11-03T13:40:06+13:00

Manage all your Life Policies from initial underwriting to post issue servicing.  Keep a complete history of changes, copies of proposals, communication history, insured benefits, and keep policy details all up to date with our insurer data import engine.

Our automation sends renewal notices to your clients without you needing to manually send them, but if sending printed letters is still your thing, no problem, that’s easy to do with a few clicks.  Automation can be switched on or off.

Loans and Mortgages2020-11-03T13:39:14+13:00

Manage your loans from application status to post settlement.  Manage your loan application pipeline.  Manage all your client application documents, email history, what has been sent to the lender and what needs to be sent.

Keep a complete communication history and use our Workflow Process Builder to build your own loan application processes.

Want to send your client fixed rate expiry notices, no problem, our automation can send fixed rate expiry notices to your clients automatically, and schedule tasks for you and your team to follow up.  Automation can be switched on or off.


Use our Calendar, Email and Task features or if you prefer to use Outlook or Google, no problem, we sync with these too.  If you create meetings, tasks and phone called inside Adviser CRM it will keep a complete appointment history inside your client record for historical auditing, but still syncs with your preferred calendar.

Files and Documents2020-11-03T13:37:31+13:00

Keep all your files and document in one place inside Adviser CRM and attach to your clients, policies and loans or; if you prefer to use Dropbox and other document cloud storage, just copy your external link to your client record and it’s just like having your document attached but stored in your preferred cloud storage.

Smartphone Apps2020-11-03T13:33:10+13:00

Use our iOS and Android smartphone apps that allow you to take everything with you in your pocket.  Take all your client information, meetings and tasks with you, even their policies and loans.

Use our smartphone app to make your phone calls so your call will be logged into Adviser CRM as part of your client history.


Create email and letter templates with our template builder. Templates save time and effort when you need to send the same message to your sales lead or clients, but personalised with their information. Just choose a template you want to send and send it.

Send fully written and formatted templates from our mobile app, just like you would on your laptop or desktop, email templates work the same on any device.


Manage your client investments such as KiwiSaver.  Automate annual notices, import csv updates from your suppliers and build rules to trigger notifications when your clients are not getting the maximum Government subsidy.

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Process Builder for Compliance2020-11-03T13:42:38+13:00

Need to build your business process? Use our custom blueprint process builder so you and your team can follow set processes to ensure you meet your compliance requirements.

You may need different processes for different stages of your client relationship such as new lead process, disclosure process, new client onboarding, complaints etc.

You can build your own business processes, or we can build them for you (additional costs apply).

Powerful Automation2020-11-03T13:45:59+13:00

Automation can save countless hours of repetitive work such as renewal notices, sending your initial disclosure document, fixed rate expiries, birthdays etc.  Automation will help you keep in touch and communicate with your clients, which will be critical when regular communication to clients will be a requirement.

Use Automation to trigger other events such as Tasks, Meeting Reminders, Emails and much more.  Automation is a powerful tool that comes standard with every Adviser CRM subscription.

Insurer Data2020-11-04T11:38:38+13:00

Save countless hours of data entry by using our insurer data tool to keep your life policies up to date.  If you don’t have any data, talk to our team about using your insurer data to create new clients and policies for your CRM.

  • AIA (Legacy Policy Information)
  • Asteron
  • Fidelity Life
  • NIB
  • CIGNA (via BDM request)
  • Partners Life
  • Southern Cross
  • Sovereign (via BDM request)
Security Control2020-11-03T13:46:12+13:00

Build your own security profiles to allow certain people to see and do certain things such as Office Admin can see and edit all adviser records, but advisers can only see their own, or the business owner has complete control over all access and records, or maybe a telemarketer needs view only access. You can provide different set of permissions to various users.

Audit Trail2020-11-03T13:45:51+13:00

Need to be audited by the FMA? No problem, we can keep a full audit trail of client history, communication, files, meetings, calls and tasks. A complete view of client history locked and auditable of who changed or added what and when.


Create beautiful web forms to put on your website or any website.  Create your own lead capture forms, loan application forms, any type of web based form, all seamlessly integrated into Adviser CRM.


Send clients surveys and get responses directly back into Adviser CRM for review.  You can send annual review questionnaires, satisfaction feedback, information update requests, referral requests, pre-meeting questionnaires.  Build your own surveys and send to your clients or leads.


Adviser CRM can be fully customised.  If you have the “in-house” technical capabilities you can customise your version of Adviser CRM.

If you do not have “in-house” skills, we can prepare a proposal of what customisations you need and how much they would cost.  There may be a cost to prepare such a proposal because it would depend on the time and complexity it would take us to prepare such a Scope of Work and Costs.

We would always discuss any costs with you, beforehand.

Q & A’s

Q: Do you have a loan qualification calculator?

A: Currently, we do not have a loan qualification calculator.  Our rationale for this is that we believe most advisers know where a loan will most likely fit and will use the lenders spreadsheet to confirm this.  Currently, lenders require this own spreadsheet to be sent them anyway so we see this as something the adviser needs to do anyway.

At some stage we will build a loan qualification calculator but we’d rather keep our pricing low to make it financially easier for advisers.

Q: Can I submit a loan application directly to a lender from Adviser CRM

A: You can input and save all loan application data into Adviser CRM such as Borrowers, Dependents, Incomes, Assets, Liabilities and Expenses, Loan Details etc.  Our next development phase is to allow you to produce a loan application form for your client to manually sign or digitally sign so you can send to a lender, so the answer is not yet, but we are working on this and expect to have our first version of this in the first quarter of 2021.

We are also finishing our integration which will enable you to submit all loan application information straight to a lender.  For more information about Ezidox, please visit

Q: Do you have Quotemonster Integration:

A: Previously, Adviser CRM did have Quotemonster integration but it required a lot of work from the QM team so it will pulled in favour of the QM developing a public API to allow any third party system to integrate into QM with having their team manually work with each third part integrator.

We understand their decision and as soon as a “Public API” is available we will re-integrate with Adviser CRM.  The timeline on this will depend on when QM releases a public API.

Q: Can I manage my commissions with Adviser CRM?

A: We provide basic commission reporting such as Initial Commission and Renewal/Trail Commission but Adviser CRM is not designed yet with full commission management capabilities.  Currently you can set an Initial Commission percentage and a Renewal/Trail commission for Insurance and Mortgages and run a report on what your total trail commissions are, or what your projected initial commissions may be.

Q: What does Adviser CRM cost?

A: We provide Adviser CRM at an already discounted price that is approximately half the price of our competitors.  For Advisers the price is $155 + GST per month and for admin/support staff licenses it is $90 + GST per month.

Q: What training and support comes with Adviser CRM?

A; New users get 30 days of unlimited remote training, thereafter paid training will need to be purchased at $120 + GST per hour regardless of whether we train one person or 100 people at once.  We will be releasing a SLA (Service Level Contract) next year where it will be cheaper to pre-pay training hours.

All users will have free access to our secure online help and knowledgebase, video tutorials and regular webinars.


Evince Integration:

You will be able to pull through you client data from Adviser CRM into Evince and get straight into the advice process, then save your advice records back into Adviser CRM for future reference.  All time stamped and able to be audited by the FMA if you need them to.

No more double entering client data into two systems.

Ezidox Integration:

Ezidox is a very powerful loan and file management system used in Australia and is also a SOC2 Certified system which is why we chose to integrate with them.  For more information about Ezidox please see

Loan Application Forms:

You will be able to send a client a link to complete a loan application form which will populate your client records in Adviser CRM.  You will then be able to create a PDF loan application form from that for them to sign manually or by our up and coming electronic signature add on.

All data added to the client record will be able to be used for cross purposes such as a Loan Application and Insurance Advice.

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