Business Value

Building Business Value

How many times have you been asked the question “How can we help build your business?”  It’s a throw-away line used all too often by people solely intent on pushing their latest product, as opposed to understanding your operation.

Changes in technology and customer expectations have meant Adviser businesses have had to evolve to survive yet the support you receive has not evolved along the way.

The passing of new regulatory legislation has added another layer of complexity to a business that is already not well understood.

The modern Adviser practice is no longer transactional based but focused instead on the end-to-end customer journey.  It stands to reason that your support network understands that your practice is not a ‘one-trick pony’ but a complex relationship focused business.

Newpark can help you build the value of your business by:

  • Delivering business success programs supported by Newpark’s experienced Advisers and our suppliers.

  • Help you build governance resources required to ensure your business is fit and proper, and tooled to meet the compliance standards required to run a successful advice practice and aid any Advisers in your business.

  • Building training pathways and opportunities for new Advisers.

  • Building a pathway for lead generation based on customer’s aspirations.

  • Offering a choice of independent CRM systems aligned with the customer journey.