Manage all your sales leads from one place. Create tasks, meetings, and emails with a complete history of communication. Put your sales lead nurturing into automation and have then automatically added to your marketing automation so you can keep in touch regularly. Once your lead becomes a client all history, including files, emails etc are all pulled through to your new client account.

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A complete client management platform to manage every aspect of your client relationship from an individual contact, a family or maybe even to a complex business with different ownership.  Adviser CRM can manage every type of client relationship and keep a complete history of Appointments, Tasks, Emails, Family Relationships, Professional Relationships, Policies, Loans and Files.

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Life Policies

Manage all your Life Policies from initial underwriting to post issue servicing.  Keep a complete history of changes, copies of proposals, communication history, insured benefits, and keep policy details all up to date with our insurer data import engine. Our automation sends renewal notices to your clients without you needing to manually send them, but if sending printed letters is still your thing, no problem, that’s easy to do with a few clicks.  Automation can be switched on or off.

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Loans and Mortgages

Manage your loans from application status to post settlement.  Manage your loan application pipeline.  Manage all your client application documents, email history, what has been sent to the lender and what needs to be sent.

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Use our Calendar, Email and Task features or if you prefer to use Outlook or Google, no problem, we sync with these too.  If you create meetings, tasks and phone called inside Adviser CRM it will keep a complete appointment history inside your client record for historical auditing, but still syncs with your preferred calendar.

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Files and Documents

Keep all your files and document in one place inside Adviser CRM and attach to your clients, policies and loans or; if you prefer to use Dropbox and other document cloud storage, just copy your external link to your client record and it’s just like having your document attached but stored in your preferred cloud storage.

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Smartphone Apps

Use our iOS and Android smartphone apps that allow you to take everything with you in your pocket.  Take all your client information, meetings and tasks with you, even their policies and loans.

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Create email and letter templates with our template builder. Templates save time and effort when you need to send the same message to your sales lead or clients, but personalised with their information. Just choose a template you want to send and send it.

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Manage your client investments such as KiwiSaver.  Automate annual notices, import csv updates from your suppliers and build rules to trigger notifications when your clients are not getting the maximum Government subsidy.

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