Services and details provided with the ASSET Intermediate Service.

Debrief filing

File the debrief form meetings. Broker may send an email to you directly after meeting, to the client and you cc’d in, record this and email you the MP3 or the Dictaphone device. File copy into client record. Likely need to be renamed as Debrief Date and Client Name.

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Letter drafting marketing

Draft dictated letter to client as requested by adviser or client. This may be a Christmas or birthday greeting, business update/newsletter, marketing or book purchase. Letter or email formats. Mail merge/client list/address labels may be required by admin.

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Arrears follow ups

Contact client with amounts and company. Follow up with provider if payment history requested. Send client provider details (fid/Nib do not take from client) or CC form/DD if need update accounts. Change payment cycle with provider if this is the issue an instruct if to take arrears now or at next pay cycle.

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Appointment bookings

Existing clients this may be from a request or list generated by adviser, at renewal or on client contact. New clients this may be following up cold calls from campaigns, book purchases or referrals from existing clients - in a timely and welcoming manner.

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