Well, we made it.  Hand on heart we are the fastest growing mortgage group in country!  So, on behalf of myself, Gopal, Kate, Robyn and Tara, a big thank you for making 2019 such a stellar success.  We couldn’t have done it without your help.

Just in case it’s escaped your notice, these are just some of the things we’ve accomplished this year:

  • on-boarded and accredited well over 150 individual mortgage Advisers (yes, 150+)!
  • rolled out a unique fee model that encourages your business to grow
  • provided accreditation access to 28 lenders
  • received confirmation from ANZ and BNZ that you can keep your autonomy and brand as a standalone FAP
  • implemented a program for Advisers to prepare for licensing
  • held our Adviser conference
  • weekly commission payments exceeding $250,000
  • on track for $1b in settlements

That’s not to say that we’ll be sitting on our thumbs in the lead up to 29 June 2020.  There are a number of new initiatives to implement in the new year:

  • change the commission payday from Friday to Thursday (starting on 9 January)
  • along with yourselves obtain a transitional FAP licence
  • implement a 12 month review of the fee model (the capped $300 per business remains)
  • kick off the formal new Adviser mentoring program
  • facilitate access to CPD learning content
  • get on the road with our supplier partners
  • redraft your broker agreement once the revised Big4 bank head groups agreements are received
  • work with businesses to get their CRM software SOC2 and ISO75k compliant
  • + business as usual

The bottom line is that we’re focused on assisting Advisers control their aggregation costs, control their CRM, and take control their continued professional development.

So sit back, enjoy a beverage, stay safe and be ready for a very busy 2020.  It’s going to be a blast!