Your brand.  Your Client.  Your trail.  You’re in control.

With Newpark Home Loans you’re in control of your costs, your CRM, and your compliance.  After all it goes without saying that your business is your business, and when it comes to the question of licensing, you’re in charge of your destiny.  Client ownership and access to top commission is 100% yours.

Membership plans tailored to your business

Just ask yourself these questions:

  • What are the fees for with current dealer group?
  • At what point does that become ‘too much’?
  • What choice do you have with your fees charged?
  • Does that reflect your business structure?
  • Do the fees charged allow my business to scale?
  • What is the notice liability when an associate leaves?

If your business has a few Advisers, or it’s just you, we have a plan to match your situation:

Option 1

A Flat Fee

This model has the benefit of predictability. You know what the fee will be each month so you can plan and budget for it. Within this model, there will be two tiers of membership – an exclusive level and a basic level.

Option 2

A Fixed Percentage

This model sees you being charged a percentage of each commission you are paid. This removes the need to pay a flat fee and you simply pay on what you earn.

Option 3

A Set Fee

The third option will allow you to pay a set fee for every mortgage settled. This could work out to be a cost effective option as if you don’t write any mortgages that month, then you don’t get charged.

What’s more there is no accreditation fee and it’s just one plan fee per business, not per Adviser. 

You can even change your plan as well by giving us 90 days’ notice.

Mortgages and risk insurance go hand in hand.  It stands to reason that your life & health insurance business should be acknowledged as well.  That means that writing insurance business will discount your membership plan.

Earning your trust is central to what we do.  That applies to your commission as well.  It’s money in, money out, paid into your business account weekly on a Friday.  It is after all 100% yours.

A full panel of bank and non-bank lenders provides you with complete flexibility.  Our lender training and email updates also makes it easy to keep up to date with changes to lending criteria.

Getting your New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services requires some help.  That’s where you’ll find our close relationship with Strategi invaluable.  It doesn’t stop there; we’ll build the compliance trough for licensing and fill it with water, but you choose how much you want to drink.

A mortgage CRM must be able to futureproof your particular business.  That doesn’t necessarily mean a glorified pdf application sent by email.  Your clients expect a service on their terms so a CRM that facilitates the end-to-end customer journey is the future of mortgage broking. Having a choice in CRM that is fully transportable is pretty important as well.

Access to great group plans for FileInvite, Corelogic RPNZ, Professional Indemnity insurance, Disputes Resolution Scheme, Fire and General business and Kiwi Fuelcards are just some of the ways we help keep your business ticking.

“Professional Advisers you can bank on”

It’s not just some throw-away line, it’s what we strive for.  We’re a small team of industry recognised professionals that are passionate about your success.  We’re there to help you every step of the way.  Our success depends on your success as a professional Adviser you can bank on.

Membership isn’t for everyone, and not everyone can be a member.  Being recognised and applauded by your peers as the best in the industry is something we take pride in each year at our gala event.

Advisers join NHL for its advocacy in the mortgage industry, commitment to Adviser autonomy, the choice and flexibility of its fee model that allows businesses to grow, access to a broad selection of lenders and support partners, industry expertise behind the scenes, and collegial support received from other Advisers.

  • A broker agreement that guarantees client ownership and 100% upfront & trail commission.

  • A structured pathway for licensing as an independent Financial Advice Provider (FAP) business.

  • Commission processing paid weekly from Westpac Trust account.

  • Complete on-boarding management for Adviser lender accreditations.

  • No barrier to entry with any accreditation or joining fee.

  • A choice of three fee options to suit your business structure.

  • One fee per business level, not for each individual Adviser.

  • Fee discounts based on qualifying life insurance production.

  • A choice of CRMs to suit your loan origination requirements.

  • Membership benefits (FileInvite, Corelogic RPNZ, Professional Indemnity insurance, Disputes Resolution, KiwiFuel card, Tower F&G).

  • Wholesale rate NZCFS5 compliance training through Strategi.

  • Expert technical resource for training and queries.

Newpark Home Loans has enjoyed staggering growth since its launch in October 2018. Mortgage Advisers have relished the fresh approach to mortgage aggregation Newpark Home Loans has established that creates an environment where Advisers can truly scale and grow their business.

Advisers that appreciate the value of creating a business for themselves by themselves will revel in the new model of mortgage aggregation Newpark delivers. Get in touch with us today to find out how you can become a Newpark Home Loans Adviser.

After all, we are the professional adviser network you can bank on!