Have you got what it takes… for a career as a high performing adviser?

New Zealand’s premier financial adviser group for independent business owners. Newpark is your opportunity to meet, mix and learn from some of the top performing financial advisers in New Zealand – it’s experience money just can’t buy.

We’re always looking for exceptional business people to join our thriving network. When you join Newpark, we treat you like the champion you are.

Our in-house Adviser success team are dedicated to helping you build your business through targeted development and learning opportunities, lead generation, recognition program, compliance and licencing support and a choice of CRMs available on your iPad or tablet so you can work on the go, wherever your customers are.

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    With Newpark, you receive ongoing training, development and compliance so that you can rest assured that your legal obligations and commitments are up-to-date. So, if you’re a finance or insurance professional who cares about making a difference, join Newpark, the team that can help you achieve more.

    When you join Newpark, we treat you like the champion you are.