Real Estate Together

Newpark has teamed up with Real Estate Together Limited to help first home buyers onto the property ladder.  Under the new partnership deal, Newpark advisers will have exclusive access to the new venture.  The initiative enables First Home Buyers  to take a slice of equity in a home for as little as $50,000.   It is targeted at people who can’t afford a deposit.

Real Estate Together sources and buys properties on behalf of first home buyers, brings in investor cash, and allows first home buyers to chip in as well.  Under the scheme, properties are rented out to the first home buyer, with the first home buyer also a slice of the equity. The houses purchased will primarily buy brick and tile properties in Auckland.

Under the Newpark partnership deal, Advisers will be able to refer prospects and clients to Real Estate Together for a generous referral fee, as well as arranging the loan financing for their clients.

This will suit children of existing client who may have been to 15 odd auctions and have always been disheartened, people don’t want to pay for another building inspection report,  or worry about their loan prior-approval expiring prior to auction.

Contact the Newpark team direct to get accredited with Real Estate Together.