Spend time converting high-quality mortgage leads to sales.
Newpark has teamed up with Mortgage Match, an Auckland-based company that matches people who are actively searching for an expert Mortgage broker with the best broker for them.

Under the new mortgage matching service, Newpark advisers will have exclusive access to high-quality mortgage leads. This means you only speak to local customers who are actively interested in getting a loan and hearing from you. Mortgage Match will only ever connect one customer with one broker. Any leads you get from Mortgage Match are not re-distributed and are exclusively yours.

Cost to purchase leads:

Within Auckland: $100 + GST (per lead)
Within New Zealand: $85 + GST (per lead)
How it works

After filling out their details, potential customers expect to receive a call from an experienced local broker within 24 hours, but ideally within 15 minutes for the best conversion rate (approx per 10 leads: 5-8 meetings, 1-4 deals depending on broker skill). To ensure smooth calls, brokers must mention they were referred through Mortgage Match.

Mortgage Match works via pay per lead, with a minimum first purchase of 10 leads. Leads are distributed to you automatically, so once you have been accepted and set up, you will be notified by email when a new lead has been added to your list. Leads are available throughout NZ however numbers are limited with first and best brokers being prioritised.