The original aggregation group

A family of trusted professionals since 1999

Today the Newpark Group supports well over 400 financial Advisers with advice, camaraderie, networking, aggregation, compliance tools, and professional development.   We also encourage our members to come together as part of the Newpark family on as many occasions as possible so they can learn and grow from each other by sharing their collective knowledge.

“A good Adviser is the best insurance you can have”

At Newpark we fervently believe that “a good Adviser is the best insurance you can have.” We are here to work along side you by the providing the support and an education pathway for you to demonstrate “knowledge, skill and competence” under the new regulatory regime.  Our regular group development meetings and conferences are hugely popular with experienced and newer Advisers alike, of the highest standard, and designed to give you the skills required for when the ‘rubber hits the road’.

A new era for financial Advisers. 

Providing advice is one of the hardest, and at times one of the loneliest, professions in the world.  Having access to the kind of support that fellow Advisers in the Newpark family can provide is invaluable.  Many long term friendships have been borne out of study groups, development days and conferences.  The strength that Newpark Advisers bring as a collective is enhanced by the feeling of trust and collegiality that Newpark works so hard to foster.

Not all business structures are created equal.  Whether you’re a ‘single shingle’ Adviser, a managing agency or a multi-product line business, the Newpark team have the knowledge and expertise to provide the help that suits you best.

Understanding the new licensing environment and how that will impact your business in the future is critical.  Whether it’s a Financial Advice Provider, Financial Adviser or Nominated Representative, our team are not only well versed with the requirements of each designation, but fully appreciative of how that role will determine that shape of your business in years to come.

With decisions as important as this, it pays to have a team on your side that can guide you through such a complicated process.

Getting your New Zealand Certificate in Financial Services requires some help.  That’s where you’ll find our close relationship with Strategi invaluable.  It doesn’t stop there; we’ll build the compliance trough for licensing and fill it with water, but you choose how much you want to drink.

Advances in technology will never replace the value to face-to-face advice for customers.  CRM systems have come a long way and today they are much more than just electronic phone books.  Having a CRM that drives the efficiencies and productivity in your business is important, but ensuring it keeps up with the pace of the development required in a compliant world is critical.

As the oldest aggregation group, it stands to reason that Newpark has the most established relationships with insurers in New Zealand.  Our insurer partners work very closely with Newpark on an almost weekly basis to provide additional training and support to our Advisers.

Access to great group plans for Professional Indemnity insurance, Disputes Resolution Scheme, Fire and General business and Kiwi Fuelcards are just some of the ways we help keep your business ticking.

  • Free and easy joining process.

  • Keep all of your commission without any sacrifices

  • A structured pathway for licensing as an independent Financial Advice Provider (FAP) business.

  • Wholesale rate NZCFS5 compliance training through Strategi.

  • Development Days, practice support and annual conference.

  • A CRM with a compliant end-to-end customer journey

  • Fire and General insurance referral program through Tower and AON

  • Group membership benefits: Professional Indemnity insurance (AON), Disputes Resolution (FSCL), KiwiFuel card.

  • ‘HeadSpace’ health and mental wellbeing program.

  • Socialise with over 400 like-minded and successful Advisers.

  • Expert technical resource for training and queries.

General Manager Performance and Growth

Peter had 18 years’ experience as a lawyer in London before immigrating to NZ in 2010.  On arrival he joined a QFE, qualified as an AFA soon after and successfully grew its legal base.

His legal mind and relationship skills will be a great asset to the Newpark family in this ever-changing landscape.  Peter (the ‘tall guy with the tie’) is passionate about ensuring that New Zealanders have the best insurance possible and, to this end, is committed to helping advisers to navigate their way through the new regime whilst growing their businesses and simplifying process wherever possible.

Adviser Relationship Manager

Cheryl is the longest serving member of the Newpark team having started in 2002. She is passionate about what she does and enjoys working closely with the Advisers in their business.

Prior to joining Newpark, Cheryl spent five years working for State Insurance as Customer Relationship Manager.  In her spare time she enjoys a little bit (lot) of retail therapy.

Adviser Success Manager

Steven has a passion for providing advisers with easy to use technology solutions that can be used in sales engagements, whether it’s a first up fact find needs analysis or actually signing up the business at point of sale.   With over 25 years’ experience Steven started working in the New Zealand Insurance industry in 1994.

His nickname of “Moses” came from rolling out over 150 tablets to advisers, where the value add was simply being able to use a pen opposed to a keyboard and mouse.    In fact, many of these tablet users virtually eliminated paper in their business.    Steven also has a wealth of knowledge with CRM and being able to work anywhere anytime using wireless technology to manage potential business through to the sales pipeline.

Technology plays such a large part in all aspects of our business and it is a key part of everything that we do these days.   In his role as a Business Development Manager, he is focused on assisting members to generate leads, increase activity, fill their diary and maximise their bottom line by working with you to come up with new ideas, so you know your numbers and can maximise your businesses growth potential.