Newpark History

The origins of Newpark can be traced back to 1972 when Central Sourcing was set up as the first incarnation of Newpark.

Newpark Financial Services Ltd was later established on 1 September 1999.  Incidentally the ‘Newpark’ brand is derived from the building of the same name in Newmarket.  The original brand values of independence, choice and support remain unchanged from when it was first launched.

Shortly after establishing itself in Newmarket, the office moved to Kumeu before moving to Rosedale Road in Albany in 2011.  In 2015 Newpark bought the office building where it operates today located in Mercari Way.

Newpark Group now supports more than 400 advisers and the majority of product suppliers with; advice, camaraderie, networking, compliance tools, business development, professional development, mentoring and regulation assistance.

The mortgage aggregation side of the business was first established in 2009 as a joint venture with a major mortgage Advisory business.  In 2011 the mortgage arm broadened its reach by joining forces with a national mortgage broking business.

After quite some success Newpark decided that the group should be able to stand on its own two feet and so, in October 2018, the mortgage aggregator business was official relaunched as Newpark Home Loans.  Since then Newpark Home Loans has grown to over 100 mortgage Advisers that have access to 28 retail bank and 2nd tier lenders.

In 2012 the business made a major decision to divest itself by offering shares to Adviser members of the group.  Today Newpark operates with a board of directors along with a CEO to direct day to day operations.

With industry developments, more competition and the advent of new technology, the importance of productivity and working smarter became increasingly more important to Advisers compared to benefits that come as a result of scale. As a result, Newpark launched its own in-house CRM software ‘Toolbox’ in 2013 and is now used by over 100 Adviser businesses nationwide.

Newpark is committed to helping Advisers improve their professional development and build their own sustainable businesses that have long-term value.

The Newpark team is here to help support, educate, and keep Advisers’ skill levels at the forefront of the market. Development meetings and conferences are packed full of information that help Advisers maintain their business at the highest levels within the industry.

Delivering these benefits to Advisers is a small but hardworking and dedicated team of industry professionals.  In order to deliver our vision, the culture of Newpark is one of collaboration with a relentless focus on the Adviser.

Newpark is a registered Financial Service Provider: FSP 44863