Newpark doubles down on helping its Advisers in the new era

Newpark has taken a stand to support the autonomy of its Advisers to run their own businesses their way, control their own costs of compliance, and be trusted to raise the standard of their own practices and processes from which they receive their incomes. Newpark has announced, at its conference Friday, three initiatives aligned to support Advisers in the new licensed environment. The dealer group believes its members should be Financial Advice Providers (FAPs) than than the group being the licensed entity. Chief executive Melanie Purdey says Newpark will roll out an administration hub in the New Year that will

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Newpark launches HeadSpace

Financial advisers are struggling mentally with the amount of change they are being forced to go through and need more than just business and licensing support, one dealer group says. Newpark chief executive Melanie Purdey said she regularly dealt with advisers who were becoming stressed or depressed. “We need to give our people a lot more support than just licensing or business development … they are going through a change that is unprecedented for them.” Many were studying for the first time, sometimes in a language that was not their first, she said. They were also under the regulatory, media

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